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interesting reseach - (Jun/15/2012 )

I'm interested in pursuing Msc..
but i'm really don't have any idea to start my proposal writing....
please help me by giving your opinion about latest research
in biotechnology, plant and molecular...


You should ask and discuss it with your supervisors and perhaps other people working there (PhDs etc). It usually should be related to what the institute is working on / is specialised and what know-how, interests and equipment is available. E.g wanting to work on gene expression with a real-time approach is not fitting if nobody has such apparatus and they never worked with it...
If this is completely open, because you look for a place to work after finding a topic, you should have in mind in what you are interested in, because you have to work quite a lot of time and intensely on this. If you later realise that it's uninteresting for you, too complicated, or whatever then it might be too late.