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very low concentraion of DNA from Bacteria - (Jun/13/2012 )

hallo everyone,
I am extracting total genomic DNA from bacterial colonies using Promega DNA genomic purification Kit. the problem is am getting extremly low concentraion of DNA and sometimes with poor quality. am following the manual correctly, i am starting with reasonable amount of colonies. i even tried all the optional choices that the manual recomends but still am facing the same problem, knowing that i used it before and it worked fine. i wonder what the reason could be? i hope i can find some help from you :)

an other problem, my RNase soultion that comes with the kit is almost finished so do u think the DNA concentration will be affected if I didn't include RNase in the procedure?? and please also i need need the the procedure for preparing RNase solution 20mg/ml.

Thank you


Well, the result will not be correct without the RNAse

Make sure ur RNAse is DNAse and protease free

So, u have RNAse powder? I think the procedure is in the catalog with the poweder


What bacteria (Gram + or gram - ) ?


i faced the problem with both gram + and gram -