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Refrigerated Centrifuge feedback - (Jun/12/2012 )

I'm sorry if this is not the appropiate place for ask this, but i need help.
My boss needs to buy a refrigerated centrifuge for his laboratory, and though i've found a few brands of centrifuges, there are 2 brands that he has not heard of.
So I've been looking for comments or opinions all day on the internet and couldn't find anything about them.

So, has anyone heard good or bad comments, or have worked with a "Hanil" (Korean company) or "Sigma" (German company) centrifuge?

Thanks in advance


We have a Sigma benchtop refrigerated centrifuge and it has run without problem for about a decade :)


Yes , for me iam in love with anything from sigma
It works very well
Although , i prefer eppendorf ref. centrifuger
Its cheeper and good as sigma