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AKTA/Unicorn compatibility with Windows 7? - (Jun/12/2012 )

I am currently running AKTA Purifier UPC10 with Unicorn version 5.1.1 (build 407) on a Windows XP box. The computer is ancient and prone to freezing up. I don't know how many times it froze at the worse time during an injection. We have been able to install Unicorn 5.1.1 on a Windows 7 box with no problems but when we start up the AKTA, we get an error message, "Unable to connect (no connection between open connection interface and local driver"

I have checked that the right strategy, computer name and control unit are correct. I have installed the CU9x0 950/960 USB driver and the network components Client for Microsoft Networks, QoS Packet Scheduler, File Printer sharing, TCP/IP protocol version 4, Link layer topology discovery mapper/responder and network card are already on the computer. We are really at a loss what to try next. I really can't believe GE Healthcare software has to run on an operating system that is over 10 years old.

I found the administration manual for Unicorn 5.3.1 which had information on configuring a Windows 7 computer for AKTA, but this version is no longer found on the GE webpage. Unicorn 6 runs on XP and vista business which is a joke. Surely someone out there has got Unicorn running on Windows 7 or on a Mac. Am I missing something? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Why not run winXP on a new box?

My lab is running AKTA software (don't know the version) on winNT...


university is pressuring people to upgrade to newer operating system for security reasons. boss doesn't want to put 10 year old operating system on a new computer.


What about if it isn't networked, then there shouldn't be a problem?

You may find that there is some sort of PCI card for driving the connection between the computer and the hardware.

I suggest contacting GE and asking them.


also found out that computers in past 2-3 years have new processors that will not support XP, so need to find computer older than 4 years old.