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Tissue culture contamination like bacteria inside the cells. What is this kind o - (May/29/2012 )


I have noticed some bodies inside my fibroblastic cells, I really need to know what kind of contamination it is in order to not repeat my mistakes. I do think it is a bacterial contamination.

These black/green bodies are inside the cells, just few cells have it. Cells of this plate grow very slowly.

The media looks clear.

Thank you very much for your help

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Hi audreybe,

I doubt that this is bacterial contamination- the media would be cloudy and the dots would be much, much smaller than the cells and probably moving.
The overall appearance of the fibroblasts are not very happy looking- there are lots of vacuoles and I suspect your cells are either apoptosing or necrosing.
If it is an infection, I would say it looks possibly like a fungal infection.
I would throw these cells and start again with fresh media and give your incubator and hoods a good clean out (if you're not already doing that).
Sorry, but I hope that helps