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i have problem with TCA/aceton percipitation - (May/19/2012 )

I precipitate serum albumin according to this article(A modified protein precipitation procedure for efficient removal of albumin from serum.)

. I wanted to assay albumin concentration by Bradford after which SDS PAGE GEL ELECTROPHORESIS was done. Therefore I resolubilized albumin precipitation with mixture of urea, tiourea, SDS (I do not have CHAPS therefore I use 10%SDS instead) and DDT, but the precipitates do not solubilize. Would you please guide me in this regard?


CHAPS is zwitterionic detergent. SDS is an anionic surfactant. CHAPS cannot be replaced by SDS sometimes. It may affect the pH which cause poor soluble of albumin (Albumin is moderately soluble in alkaline condition).

-Arun Kumaran-