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Using out-dated equipment to image agarose gel samples-help - (May/16/2012 )

Our lab has received a used bio rad universal hood 170-8126 and a RS 170 camera. It is wished to configure the machine to a gel doc setting using bio rad quantity one software. The setup did not come with a VG5 PCI card and I was wondering if anyone has experience making this system work with a different, more accessible and affordable card, or with serial to USB adapters.

After many talks with tech support they are adamant that I need a VG5 card and a computer with XP installed over windows 7. I was hoping that someone could help me with the software disconnect and if anyone had experience hooking the double serial port setup up to a computer without a VG5 card.

Thank you for your time


they may be referring to the scion vg-5 scientific frame grabber card in which case you won't be able to use the equipment without it or a similar card. unfortunately, the card is selling for $1035.

can you get the card (and maybe the software) from the lab that gave you the equipment (if they haven't discarded the computer)?