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Diff. between S75 16/60 and S200 16/60? - (May/11/2012 )


I was wondering what the S75 and the S200 meant for the gel filtration columns? I know 16/60 refers to the diameter/length of the column. Additionally, I was wondering if the elution profiles of a protein would be the same on the S200 16/60 vs. the S75 16/60, i.e. if the protein X elutes at 80 mL for the S75, would it also elute at 80 mL for the S200?


s75 and s200 are the packing designation. s75 is superdex 75 and s200 is superdex 200. the number refers to the fractionation range for globular proteins.

s75 has a range of ~3000 to 70000 Da.

s200 has a range of ~10000 to 600000 Da.

no, your protein will not elute at the same volume.