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T7 on single stranded promoter sequence? - (May/10/2012 )

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Haha, so you are TRYING to do ISH? :P But not on plants, I assume?
Yes, plants are sometimes terrible to work with... I read some papers that this region was highly repetitive but it's worse than I expected! :|
Yes, a lot of target-enrichment kits work this way; with a probe and than 'fishing' out the probe-bound DNA sequences...


I'm doing ISH on adult mouse olfactory epithelium, its a wonderful system but RNA is super sticky there, so basically you get background regardless of how you wash :(

Are there any benefits to working on plants? :P
I'm feeling like c elegans is the best model to work with, if only they had humanoid organs....

Is next gen sequencing of this super necessary for your work? It seems do-able but just barely :D

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