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The connection between LPS and PMA stimulation for maturation of ThP1 cells - (May/09/2012 )

I have recently started working with ThP1 cells with regard to production of IL-18 cytokines. I have seen many protocols saying the maturation of ThP1 is done by LPS or PMA.

I am a little confused with the whole set up but I assume I need to differentiate the cells using PMA and then stimulate them with LPS. Did I get that right?

What would you suggest is the best approach in my case?


I don't know much about this. But from what I have heard, THP-1 is a non adherent monocytic cell line. You usually stimulate them with PMA to enhance their maturation into macrophages and then they become adherent.


Differentiate with PMA........anywhere from 50-200nM works...let them rest for 48-72hr post stimulus............then hit them with can check for activation via ELISA for TNF or IL6