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an effective way to do a yeast colony pcr - (May/08/2012 )

Hi bioforumers

Is any one know an effective way to do a yeast colony pcr because I have tried many but no results, so if you tried one and it worked fine with you can you provide me?

many thanks in advance


happily i just realized that i have all the info availabe from an abstract :)

<*>boiling in NaOH <1> or in cracking buffer,
<*>freeze-thawing in lysis buffer <2>
<*>or in the microwave oven <3>,
<*>SDS treatment <4>,
<*>heating in the microwave oven <5>,
<*>spheroplast preparation <6>,
<*>fast preparation of fungal DNA described by Liu et al. <7>

1. Wang, H., S.E. Kohalmi, and A.J. Cutler. Analytical Biochemistry, 1996. 237(1): p.
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85(2): p. 170-172.

any questions?




thanks alot pDNA for response but I did not find the article link if you do have it would you give it to me, the point is I want a method that already somebody tried it already because there are many out there and I tried some and will try this one either.

many thanks again