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Glucose Assay - (May/08/2012 )

Hi guys,

Im new to the forums but wondering if anyone know of a cheap and simple glucose assay technique?

The commercial ones are quite expensive especially if performing multiple assays!

Thanks in advance


Diabetic test strips, although limited in range, work very well, and are very carefully tested for sensitivity.


...but calibrated for blood glucose. So if you use them you should test if they are similar sensitive and exact for your samples (there were some substances that I not exactly remember, anyway also other sugars that are perhaps in the sample but never in blood, and then result in false measurements).


Thanks a lot!

Any colorimetric assay that you know of which I can make up in the lab?



Some assay kits still exist (e.g. from Sigma Aldrich indirectly and enzymatically (glucose oxidase/peroxidase) with production of a coloured product that is measured at 540 nm and using a calibration curve as standard)....Have a look here.
Also via NADPH production with hexokinase at 340 nm kits exit(ed).
Surely also from other companies and perhaps today something more practically needing less effort, time and sample volumes, exists (no idea).