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Fly cross help - (May/07/2012 )


I would like to make a fly line that will express my protein of interest (MPI) through theGal4-UAS system. I have a fly line with the UAS-MPI and another fly line with Actin-Gal4 switch. I would like to make one line homozygous for UAS-MPI and Actin-Gal4 switch so I can induce expression of MPI at any point by feeding flies with RU486. I would also like to follow the crosses with a clear phenotype, not by doing PCR to follow them.

These are the genotypes of the 2 fly lines I have:

y<1> w<*>; P{w<+mC>=UAS-MPI.P}2 and

P{ry<+t7.2>=hsFLP}22, y<1> w<*>; P{w<+mC>=UAS-GFP.S65T}Myo31DF; P{w<+mC>=Act5C(-FRT)GAL4.Switch.PR}3/TM6B, Tb<1>

I can get other lines with various balancers to do crosses with if needed.

Thank you for any help you can provide.


But what is the question?


The question is how do I make the UAS-MPI; Actin-Gal4 switch fly?