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Undefinable particles in cell culture flask - (May/04/2012 )


I'm faced with a problem that frustrates me a lot and that causes me quite a headache.

I have had a look at my cells two days after subculturing them, and then found the following picture under the microscope. There are like fibrous particles/structures. Part of them are well attached to the cell culture flask plastic, others move them the cell culture flaks is moved as well. The cells look pretty happy, and the medium has the expected colour (thus no change in pH which might be due to the presence of the particles).

Does anybody know what these particles are? Is it a contamination?

I would greatly appreciate any help or comment about that.

Many thanks!
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Dear Karman,
I am new in cell culture so I faced contamination problem several time I cant say what this is.
But it looks something undesirable in ur culture flask
you said no pH medium change, have u noticed turbidity, or the intruders percentage increased.
for instance it had occupied 15% of flask, then second day 40% or higher
If I were you, I throw everything
clean again
sterile all my instruments especially the plastics of my aspirator and electric pipitter.
Then start again
I believe this may be enough to prevent this from coming again
I hope I was helpful