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Primary cell line - (Apr/26/2012 )

Hi all,

I bought a cell line derived from normal cells/nonmalignant cells from atcc, and it's been suggested in the literature that the cells are primary cells. I however met someone who argued that it's not really a primary cells because 1. it is not derived directly from the donor and the person said that primary cells would usually last only for one passage or so and that's it. 2. they are transformed because I can passage them up to 8 passages.

Also, some suggests that primary cells should never be freeze thawed upon arrival and be used within five passages?


Many primary cells (they aren't lines until transformed for more or less immortal growth) will grow well beyond the first couple of passages, many even up to passage 10 or more without being transformed. Transformation is the conversion to unregulated growth!

I suggest you have a look at a good cell culture manual (e.g. R.I Freshney, culture of animal cells) for more information.


Thanks Bob1. I probably should pick up Freshney to refresh. Thanks for the confirmation!!