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Getting genomic DNA for PCR - (Apr/26/2012 )


I wish to know get some genomic DNA (of any kind) for my experiment testing. I happen to saw a JM109 competent cell tube on the freezer. I wonder can I just use that one and run as PCR template?


If you have E. coli plate, mix with 50ul water, boil for 10 mins, centrifuge high speed for few mins and take supernatant as template.


I usually put one colony of E. cloi inside the tube of PCR.
If they are in broth, take as much as a colony and put it inside of PCR tube and mix it with a tip.
It always works.
I have done this more than 50 times without any problem.
We used to call it---> Colony-PCR



Thanks all!

Because I'm not doing cloning (not to mention that I do not have cloning equipment as well), I can't grow them and pick it. I only have the stock amount of competent cells stored in freezer.

Is it possible to take out a few ul of competent cells from the stock and then boils it and spins down for the gDNA as template?


try that, if you dont have proper facility..... Best wishes.