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Gene synthesis - (Apr/24/2012 )

I have to make a adenovirus overxpressing a protien of interest. I was wondering that if I can get restriction sites and the gene made for me so that I can skip PCR step and go directly to cloning. Anybody has done it. I have talked to saveral people thay said it can be done and I do have a quote from a company. What do you guys think iabout this?


Sure, companies can generate whole plasmids from scratch. If you have lots of money to spend, it is certainly a good and quick way to obtain your gene.


That would be expensive to have a readymade plasmid. I was thinking just to have a gene insert with ligation sites so I can ligate it to my vector and have a plasmid relatively faster and then I do not have to go through PCR and sequnecing step. That would cost us couple of hundred bucks. It is for a masters student who have not worked in the lab before .