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proposal - (Apr/17/2012 )

Hi all,
I have one first author paper that is not yet published, in revision procedure.
I need another second paper with first author if I want to apply for postdoc, and in fact, i already have feedback from potential employers that 2 or 3 first authors are necessary to apply for postdoc ..
I want to contact my boss and asked him that I would like to write a review , with my name first author, with only background and literature,
is it a good idea to propose ??
I dont know how will be his reaction. so, i wanted to have a fed back here


never heard about min requirements of (first) author papers for post doc - although at most universities I know about the rule of thumb is that for a phd you should have (co) authored at least 3 publications. However this always depends on local regulations. But if your country permits you to finish phd you should be able to get a post doc.....

For the review - why not ask, your boss cannot say more than no.....but if you have an idea about the topic, the review topic is novel (i.e. nothing that has been reviewed on an on again recently) and probably if you already have an editor of a scientific journal who is interested he will usually not say no. But keep in mind that a review is no original research paper and probably does not solve your problem at all.....


As I know, there is no criteria for a postdoc, it is just depend on matching your skills and field with the job.

A conventional review is not original study, it would not be counted on your publication number. However, a meta-analysis review is an original one.