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Lifespan of HRP-conjugated Secondary antibody @ Room temperature? - (Apr/16/2012 )

I've accidentally left a secondary HRP antibody stock thawing out on ice overnight from -20C. Forgot about it and when I remembered I had something in that ice box, all the ice has melted and the vial is floating in melted water. Temperature of that water is estimated to be 10 to 20C.

Should I just discard the whole vial assuming everything has been degraded? How long can antibodies stay at room temperature until it goes off? Can I still use it (decreases binding etc?)?

-science noob-

Antibodies normally work at 37 °C so in all logic they should be fine. I usually don't freeze my antibody aliquotes and they work with no problems for a long time.


The antibody is ok. If there will be a problem, it would be with enzyme (HRP). Anyway, I have done many stress test with these and dont worry.