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using elisa plate several times (different wells)? - (Apr/16/2012 )


I am wondering if a plate from an ELISA kit can be used several times. For example, we might run the first row of the plate, get the OD values, wash out that row and dry the plate, then re-seal it and put it back in the -4C; then we would use the second row of the plate some other day. (We would of course not use the first row again.) And so on for several rows.

It might be expected that the OD readings would decrease slightly over time, but with standards, this wouldn't be an issue, correct?

So, if we limited the time that the plate is at room temperature to strictly incubation, would this be a bad idea for any reason?



Don't see why not. The challenge is to keep the unused wells dry/not humid during the procedure, perhaps find some way to effectively seal the unused wells when the entire plate has equilibrated to ambient temperature. Consider sacrificing a row between each experiment. A few hours at ambient temperature should not kill a plate if indicated storage is 4 degrees.

-Ben Lomond-