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Protein ladder - (Apr/03/2012 )

Hye... I want to identify my proteins by using protein ladder but some protein ladder is based on tris-glycine, bis-tris MOPS buffer, Bis-tris MES buffer and also tris which one should I follow???Now I am using for my running buffer is tris base, glycine, and sds and for my gel is 12.5% which contain acrylamide bis, tris-HCl, sds, aps and for the protein ladder is it tris-glycine (follow the running buffer) or is it bis-tris but which bis-tris I should follow???

p/s:sorry for broken english~

-new learner-

(if you are talking about what i think you are talking about) the ladder is in, or can be put into, standard laemmli sample loading buffer. the descriptions of the ladder in different buffer systems is to illustrate how the ladder will run in the various systems.

what is more important is the size range of the ladder relative to your protein of interest (and important contaminants which may be present) and the effective size range of your gel.