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3h dopamine assay !! Help - (Mar/28/2012 )

hi guys,
I am working on settip up 3h dopamine assay for analysis of the culture primary/ cell line culture experiment. We have a Microbeta trilux in the lab. however it is very limited information available online. Who has a detail protocol to share?

Thanks :)


if you are requesting information on the use of the microbeta trilux then you can get instruction at these sites:

microbeta v4.0 user manual (pdf)

assay guidance wiki

dopamine assay information can be found through google scholar:

search page


Hey, you need provide me more details. R u doing <3H>DA binding to receptors?


I like to set up (3H>DA uptake assay to measure dopamine transporter uptake in neuronal cell line and primary mesencephalic culture.