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Cloning in pETDuet-1 - (Mar/28/2012 )


I was wondering if anyone here has tried cloning in the pDuet-1(5420 bp) vector. I will be cloning two target genes and was wondering what is the capacity of the vector i.e. what is the max size of the target genes that I can put in there?




I have done cloning in pDuet-1 vector, but it was long back. I remember the sizes of the genes were not that big, one was around 500bp and the other was around 1.2 kb. Maximum size of the gene that u can put.....I have no idea...



thanks! I'm planning to put 1 kb and 2.4 kb inserts in the vector. Since the plasmid is already 5.4 kb, it would become approx 9kb plasmid! Hopefully it should work!


All the best!!...