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Gene expression - (Mar/28/2012 )


Recently got an assignment of how different methods
could be used to retain information about genes.

What i wanna know if ive discovered a gene in a bacteria
and I want to know when its expressed, regulated and if its turned off
and on over different conditions.

My idea is that I use two organism of this bacteria one with an intact gene
and one where I have disrupted it with either some sort of mutant form
or intteduced a sequence that just makes it unfunctional.
By this I can use different condition like temperature to see if mRNA

My question is this what sort of method could i use to determin if mRNA is produced by the gene
when under effect of a condition

I also like to know if there is some method to know how the transcriptional regulation
works for an unknown gene like transcription initation?



µArrays or qPCR