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Vertical agarose gel electrophoresis for DNA - (Mar/26/2012 )

As we've only a vertical electrophoresis unit in the lab, and I need to run my DNA samples, could I use the same set-up for a 1% agarose gel? If anyone has tried it or if its ok to do it either ways - horizontal or verical, kindly advise. I would be confident before I use it for the first time

-Ramya D-

i've never seen it done (except with capillary electrophoresis) but you should be able to do it if you take certain precautions.

you have to ensure that the gel does not slide out from between the plates (you may be able to get a film to which the agarose will adhere when it solidifies)

you have to prevent the gel from overheating during the run

you will have to remove the gel from the apparatus immediately upon completion to ensure that the bands don't continue to migrate due to gravity.

the gel will be thinner than usual and may not be suitable for preparative purposes.