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How to replace all hard returns in Microsoft Word? - (Mar/25/2012 )

Sometime I have to copy/paste genome sequences from NCBI to Microsoft Word, and as you know all sequences come with line numbers on left side and space breaks for every 10 bp. Now, it is easy to replace 'any digit' or 'white space' in Word, but how to replace all hard returns (enter)? I can't find any option!

I need these sequences to add to Mega 5 alignment software, and it only accepts sequences with no breaks in between.


Under replace, click the "more options" button, at the bottom of the window, there will now be two buttons under a section called "replace", the right one labelled "special" should give you options, the first of which is "paragraph mark", and that option works for me in Word 2010.


Thanks bob1, why didn't I see this option before? I'm blind.