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Interpreting Nanodrop results - (Mar/23/2012 )

Hi all
I know that might sound a little awkward to ask about such a basic thing but I was just wondering whether I can rely on nanodrop data. I have got very good 260/280, somewhat acceptable 260/230 (lower than recommended range but still this does not worry me because the downstream application might not be affected by this much). The graphs I get are OK but not like the one everybody WANTS them to be when doing nanodrop. I am uploading a pic with that for you people to see.

My question, whether I can rely on this data or not? Specially when the graphs show peak at 260, they are bell shaped but not that much high as you expect them to be....

-Muhammad Umer-

oops i forgot to add the file
Attached Image

-Muhammad Umer-

There's nothing wrong with them, you have a little organic solvent contamination, but nothing too bad.