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Problem with THP-1 cell line - (Mar/23/2012 )


I have some problems with THP-1 cell line. One day after purchase the new vial, the cells started grow in clumps.....and I have no idea why.....I change media every 3 days.
I am very nervous, because I'm a new one in this topic....

Could anybody help me??? I will be very appreciated..



Hi Anula,

I've been working with THP-1 cells for the past 2ish years, just to give you a heads up, they can be DIVA's!

Clumping cells are a good sign - it means that they are proliferating!

Hope this has eased your worries


Please donot consider this as an insult, but personally I consider this sentence as a rubish->"They are clumpping, and they are happy".
I have heard this in the lab I am working.
As I have some experience at detecting infected cell culture with Mycoplasma(it couses cell clumpping and agglutination in suspension cells), I decided to add Normocine Antibitic to THP-1 cells.

Now I have a lot cells and are not clumpping even in 10^6 per ml.

Check your cells with Nested-PCR for Mycoplasma. Always go to Nested even if you can not see a band in first run of PCR.

Babak Memari


Thanks! THP-1 looks better, I mix them before passage and I've started my study and everything is OK:)