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Plasmid vector for yeast and E. coli - (Mar/22/2012 )

I am looking for a good plasmid vector system to express a human protein of (with N terminal His tag) in both yeast and E. coli. The protein doesnt have much post translational modifications except couple of acetylation in internal lysine residues. I will be synthesizing the gene; hence it doesn't really matter if the vector has His tag in it or not. The gene insert will be 1000 bases approx.

Is there any vector which can be used in both systems? (I doubt it though.) Please suggest me a vector for both systems which worked great for you. I would prefer if they have commonly used antibiotics such as kanamycin, etc. Please let me know the typical yield you get with such system, if you dont mind. I would appreciate your help/suggestion.

Also, do you think acetylation might be signification for protein's activity? The protein's function is hydrolysis.



Clonetech should have some ...e.g. pGBK T7

No comments on yield ...i do not work with yeasts!



Thanks pDNA, for your reply.