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How to draw figures from Flow cytometry data - (Mar/21/2012 )

Dear Guys .
We have bought new Sony Eclipse Flow cytometry.
the results exported as images or reports with images.
if I want to draw this images myself, just to make the axis more visible and bigger fonts to show my professor or even for publication??? what shall I do???
Or colouring each data population for example.
Artistic manipulation but from graphs software.

I am asking about software that can draw from listmode data???
is it possible.

Please don`t suggest manipulate the figures on drawing softwares, as I want another option .

Thanks in advance for your help
Best Regards


I export my files from BD FACS DIva software and use Cyflogic to play with my data at home. It is free.



At first, Thank you for your help.
My built in program in Icyte is doing the same things, however, The suggested "cyflogic" program cant shows the FS and SS in log values??? only Linear SS and FS.
So when I tried to draw my histogram it was not correct
I wonder if anyone has other ideas

Best Regards


As far as i remember i saved the ss and fs log files in Facsdiva software first and then imported to cyflogic, otherwise cyflogic wouldnt show the log files