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Transfection with T-PRO reagent - Any tips? - (Mar/19/2012 )

Transfection with T-PRO reagent - Any tips?

my adviser told me to try the transfection with T-PRO non-liposomal reagent II (producer: T-Pro Biotechnology).

At the moment I do preliminary tests with 293 cells.
But later on I should try it with RAW 264.7 cells.

Do you have any tips, suggestions, empirical values, …
I'm amenable to any advice.



Okay, I tried the RAW 264.7 with T-PRO.
And it was not nice...

First, the T-PRO has toxic effects on the cells, hence, some of them are dead, ... poor cells.

Second, the efficiency is very, very low. In some of the wells haven't been one transfected cell (GFP)...

The results I got with collateral Lipo 2000 are al lot better.
So, I will continue using Lipo...