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ICPMS calculations HELP!! - (Mar/15/2012 )


This might have an easy enough answer but for some reason it is not working for me.

I need to find the total platinum concentration in plasma samples by using ICPMS. I would need to use elemental platinum standards in order to this. However, in the past I have for some reason cisplatin standards. I just realised that this would not be accurate when back calculating the unknown samples using this cisplatin curve since the calculated concentrations for the unknowns would directly correspond to only cisplatin and not total elemental platinum.

Is it still possible to keep all the past results that I got for the unknown samples where I used cisplatin standards to create the calibration curve but calculate the elemetal platinum concentration only now?? If yes how do I go about getting total elemental platinum concentration from the cisplatin concentrations only?

I have calculated the standard concentrations in µM.

Many thanks


You should be able to work out how much platinum is in the cisplatin (1 atom per molecule) and from that work out something, but I don't know the method at all, so I'm not sure entirely how.