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Quantification of LDL Oxidation - (Mar/15/2012 )

Hello all,

What are your thoughts on the best way in terms of cost/ease of use to quantify LDL oxidation after treatment with copper sulphate?

I've seen the TBARS assay and the use of gel electrophoresis (where the mobility of the oxidised LDL is compared to that of native LDL), but am unsure which is best and why.


Bill T


we watched the oxidation of ldl by copper sulfate on a spectrophotometer at 234nm (from this lancet paper).

rather than take periodic readings, we followed the reaction (see our paper: Malik, M.N., M.D. Fenko, A.M. Sheikh and H.M. Wisniewski, “Isolation of a-Tocopherol (Vitamin E) from Garlic”, J. Agric. Food Chem., 45, 817-819 (1997)). we were confirming the presence of vitamin e by inhibiting the oxidation of ldl.