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Sterile Water (sWFI) as Negative Control for Sterility - (Mar/14/2012 )

I am currently evaluating the use of sterile water for injection (sWFI) as a negative control for Sterility testing. I am trying to find arguments as to why NOT to use water since in some instances, if use as a positive control, bacteria will not use, but I cannot find data supporting this.
Why use water instead of the media that is currently use to test samples?

Please I need advise as where to get information or any feedback you might have.



I don't see any real reason not to use water for negative control, as long as it's sterile. WFI isn't all that kind to bacteria, osmotically. But definately preferred would be the same media you're using for the rest of the testing if its sterile just so you eliminate one more factor.


Injection in what?

It can have an influence.. so it all depends on whether it an influence your animals or whatever you are going to inject.