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Anticoagulants reagents to prevent blood from clotting - (Mar/13/2012 )

Dear All,

I'm working on blood samples that allow me to flow through the channels of a microfluidic device. The problem I'm facing is that it will clot despite EDTA and heparin were added.

Any suggestions of other effective reagents that I can use to prevent this problem?


-Katie Z-

I ran into a similar problem a couple of months ago.

A simple, cheap, and moderately effective solution might be to add aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) to the mix. Besides that, I would simply try to minimize the agitation to the blood sample before it reaches the microfluidic device.

Also, is the blood being separated in the microfluidic channels? Sometimes the clotting will occur as blood aggregates at the physical barrier/object where separation occurs.