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help on question about human genome - (Mar/12/2012 )

Question :
In February 2001, Celera Corp. and the Human Genome Project (HGP) independently published the first "draft" of
the human genome sequence. How did the two sequences differ? Did the differences between them affect any of the
biological conclusions that were drawn? In April 2003, a "finished" sequence of the human genome was released by
HGP. In what ways did this differ from what had been released in 2001? In October 2004, another "finished" sequence of
the human genome was released and a paper was published in Nature. Then, in May 2006, another paper appeared in
Nature reporting on the "finished" DNA sequence of the last human chromosome (#1). How and why did these different
versions differ? Why it is important to have as accurate a sequence as possible? Do you expect to see yet more
"finished" versions of the reference human genome sequence in the coming years? When will it really be completely

Can someone possibly give me some hints on how to reply my final exam? I am really missing there!

Thanks you so much!



If you tell us your ideas rather than just posting the question, you will get some help - it is homework for you to learn, not for us to supply answers!


Thanks for suggestion! You are absolutely right. It is my final essay. I didn't get started yet. Right i am actively searching for materials for reading and organizing my idea. The reason i post here is to try to get some good materials for reading. As you know, there is tons of publications about this. Some in good quality, some not. Since I am not in this field, i would like to get some expert opinions about the materials i do need to read besides what i got by myself. Thanks!