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non recombinant Human cytokines - (Mar/09/2012 )

Dear Friends,
I'm new post graduate student, I'm looking for a piece of advice please:

I'm looking to detect autoantibody in patients serum (if present) against cytokines , by indirect ELISA .
my questions are:

1- where can I get human cytokines of human cell line origin ( not bacteria or plant because the final product is different from human and positive for these doesn't mean it is positive agianst human cytokines) .

2- can you refere any specific reference help me to understand the proper calculation : how much should I add for each well ?

3- can I add more than one cytokines ( say 4 /well) . and then if I have positive for any of the four I added I will do seperate detection for each cytokine and see which one is positive?

other useful points you would like to draw my attention to, will be very appreciated it .



one place may be r&d systems.


Hi mdfenko,
Thanks , I sent them an e-mail and wait a reply.