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96 well protein expression - (Mar/09/2012 )


I am expressing a library in microtiter plates. I want to check the activity in cell free extracts after lysis.

Problem is after centrifugation, collection of cells and lysis with a lysis reagent, its not easy to take out cell extracts from the wells to another plate. Often is problem of mixing the pellet while taking up the CFE with a multichannel pipette.

Is there some kind of microtiter plates commercially available where I can spin down the lystae and automatically filter the debris away. I searched on net and could find only plates with resins for hisTag purification. I dont want to purify at this moment but only get rid of the lysate easily.

any input will be helpful.

Thanks in advance.


Most plates are capable of being spun - it is a matter of having the right centrifuge with the right holders for the plates. A spin at 500-1000 RCF for 10 min should remove most cellular debris.

Get rid of the multichannel pipette - you will be much much better off using an ordinary single channel for avoiding the pellet, in the long run it will be quicker and easier!