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Looking for a program - need to divide Tc's into functional grou (May/21/2003 )

I need help in finding a program (if one exists), that takes Tcís and divides it into groups by protein functions, such as: metabolism related, enzymatic activity, etc.
more details:
I have 850 Estís that I know nothing about. So Ė Iíve downloaded Tcís from TIGR and perform blast search, and now I ended up with 850 Tcís and I need to classify them into functional groups in order to get some information through those groups on my unknown Estís.
Thanks in advance,


I don't think there is an existing program which can do exactly what you want.

TIGR has annotated each TC with tentative protein name or function and most usefully with GO (Gene Ontology) term. You want to classify your TCs into functional groups. This can be easily done by writing a simple Perl script.