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Linearization of Bradford assay for nM concentrations - (Mar/05/2012 )

Does anybody else do this? by taking the ration of the absorbance at 595/495nm you can linearize the bradford assay into nM concentrations. using proteins purified from drosophila heads, this comes in handy. However I of any complications that this brings up.

Any words are welcome :D


i don't do it, but shouldn't it be 595/465?


Yes! I was working off of one paper that seems to be the only one using 595/495. Though I believe based on the mathematics, that as long as your standard curve is generated using the same ratio, it doesn't matter that its 595/494 or 460 or 450. Though it may be more difficult to get a reading from your spec at these non-optimal wavelengths.

I think Ive worked this one out, Thanks!