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isolating cells from Cockroach - (Mar/05/2012 )


I have been given the following task: you have cockroaches and in these cockroaches you will find unicellular eukaryotic cells that are visable with the naked eye, how would you isolate these cells and grow then?

This is what I came up with:

since they are visable with the naked eye, I would dissect some of the cockroaches, look for the unicellular cells and simple collect them in fresh media for eukaryotic cells and check if they grow.
But where I am stuck is: how do I make sure I only have the correct cells and not for example bacteria?
I would think, I could add some antibotics to the fresh media to have a pure culture?

And then if I have them isolated, I would need to check if they are doing allright, maybe I can do some viability test?

Any remarks?


Sounds ok. Maybe, wash the extracted cells a few times in media with antibiotics.


Ok thanks