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How many Recommendation letters should I have? - (Mar/04/2012 )

I am upgrading my CV and preparing recommendation letters to join a Phd program, I've got one reference letter from my Prof.(he is abroad now) and my former director(joined another univ.) Should I have more than two letters?


usually two are enough, only more if you are asked to do so.

however sometimes you are only asked to give referees who can be contacted by the selection board instead reference letters. If asked to do so: ask the people you name first if they are happy to be on your list of references - because we currently had a case where these references did not know the student besides from a 2day practical course - and of course this student was immediatly removed from the competition for the job.


Frequently 3 are required, but I've never seen more than 3.


US universities and some EU univeristies require 3 or else 2 are enough.

-Mad Researcher-