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troubleshooting sequencing results - (Mar/03/2012 )

Dear All,

how to upload my sequencing runs ???

a msg saying that am not permitted to upload this kind of file pops up

any suggestions ???

always grateful,


You'll only be able to attach a few common picture files (jpg, png, tif(?), bmp) and text, pdf, and maybe MS office files. You may be able to take a screenshot (print screen/prt sc button on a PC, or use Grab on a mac) if you can open your files in a multiline view.

Do you have a description of the problem?


thanks bob1 for ur passing :)

actually i don't really know what's the problem ...

the sequencer read many Ns ... :( and this is the first time i encounter such a problem!
even upon repeating the sample ... it also failed ...

there is no problem with my purification, i checked the (gel pure product) on the gel and it gave me a beautiful band ...


It reads many Ns why? Is the sequence underneath "ugly" or fine? At least image would be fine. Can you display raw data in your sequence software?


i don't know :( althought the peaks are some what resolved ...
it is fine ... image you mean, i capture the chromatogram ???
you mean the .abi data ??
if yes, this is what am trying to attach here ...

grateful ... :)


I tried this: rename .ab1 file to .pdf and upload with Advanced uploder. That allowed the upload for me. We can download and rename it back.

By image I meant a picture, screenshot of the sequence. If there's nothing else.


thanks Trof ... overwhelmed!

am trying to do so ... but the .pdf file doesn't open anymore ... it says that the file is damaged..
i know i have bothered you enough with this ...
thanks alot ...


Of course it won't open. You need to rename it back before opening, to ab1.

See this file?
Attached File
I uploaded it, it looks like pdf but it's not, it's a sequence. Download, save and rename to test.ab1 and it opens as a sequence. Works for me.

Just upload the sequence renamed to pdf, leave opening to us