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Minicentrifuge order - (Mar/02/2012 )

Hi all,

I am about to order an minicentrifuge for my lab, such as these: wanted to ask you if you have any recommendations in terms of good quality/price products?Best regards,Ikar


these are cool, go ahead and order. what you need is short spin and they perfectly do that.


thanks. i just have been a little bit afraid of the low price (in comparison to other companies), but i saw that the centrifuge comes with 2 years of warranty



• Kompaktes Design
• Transparenter Deckel aus Polycarbonat mit bruchsicherem Unterteil
• Vielseitig einsetzbar
• Adapter für:
- 6x Zentrifugenröhrchen 1,5/2,0 ml
- 6x Zentrifugenröhrchen 0,4/0,5 ml (Adapter inkl.)
- 16x PCR-Röhrchen 0,2 ml (PCR-Rotor optional)
• Ein-Aus-Schalter für zusätzliche Sicherheit
• Startautomatik
• Automatik-Stopp bei Öffnen des Deckels
• Einzigartiges Anti-Rutsch-Design
• CE-zertifiziert