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Methionine for protein expression - (Feb/29/2012 )

If Methionine coding sequence is inserted in front of the sequence of protein in cloning vector, it facilitates an expression of this protein.
I need information about this technique. Can tou advise me some articles on this theme, please?

-L u c a-

The purpose of cloning vector is to obtain the desired target protein (amino acids) alone.
The N-terminal methionine (AUG) residue just initiates translation of your desired protein.
As you might know Initiation and termination codon are necessary for protein synthesis.
Hope this answers your question.


jarannihc, actually no, sorry... I know this mechanism, I'd just like to read any article about this for writing my graduate work)

-L u c a-

Then you should do some literature research...that's common work for writing a thesis.