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Protein expression in yeast - Yeast Genotype - (Feb/29/2012 )

I am trying to over express a protein in yeast and have been having some problems. The strain I am using has the following genotype:

MATalpha leu2 trp1 ura3-52 his3::GAL1-GAL4 pep4 prb1-1122

Using the genotype, how do I know if I need to suppliment any amino acids when expressing the protein? (I have been told I dont need to add any suppliments, but i'm not so sure about that... The manufactures instruction manual does not define this either).

Any help would be greatlt appreciated. Thanks.


Hola, as far as I know if you use to culture it Yeast Nitrogen Base, you need to add these aminoacids for that the strain is auxotrophic, but if you use YNB +casaminoacids or any peptone, you don´t need.But in the case or casaminoacids you have to add trytophan because they haven´t by the acid hidrolysis of casein to obtain them. Anyway check compositions of peptones if you use them. Buena suerte