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what is the trypsin X for subculturing - (Feb/24/2012 )

Hi to everyone, It's been a couple of months that I'mworking on mcf7 cell line. when subculturing I've been told to use trypsin 3X. I wanted to know if that is to strong for the cells or not? how much should the trypsin's X be? thank u....e,

-ziba naz-

ziba naz,

I am new in subculturing too, but what I know, that each cells requires a specific conc of trypsin and some cells needs combination of trypsin and EDTA.
if I was you, I try to track the source of my MCF7, for example ATCC, or any cell bank in ur country, enter their website, and you will find the required specifications for you cell regarding medium, concentration of trypsin or should you use trypsin/ EDTA.