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Need advice for estrone ELISA/EIA kit - (Feb/23/2012 )

Has anyone measured estrone levels from plasma through ELISA? If so, is there any kit that you would recommend? We have a very tight budget and would like to skip the whole trial and error bit of testing different kits. Thanks for any help!


Use DBCs kit CAN-E-420 their websit is This is an IVD so has been through regulatory scrutiny. Follow the kit instructions. Do not use more expensive RUOs.

It is available from a number of different vendors across the globe, just google the text of the kit insert and you'll find them.

Kit insert can be found at Biovendor's website and not, for some reason, at the manufacturer in Canada. I would recommend buying from the manufacturer, because you'll get better tech support that way.

-Ben Lomond-

Thanks for the answer, I'll look into them.