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SOS: new real time PCR machine needed.... which one? - (Feb/21/2012 )

For our lab we think about a purchase of a new real time PCR Machine. After gathering some information about what the market of real time PCR machines offers, we’re not really sure what PCR machine might be the best choice for us. Basically we want to improve our progresses in our projects and get better and faster results of our researches.
I would highly appreciate if you can give me your opinion of your experiences with different real time PCRs in general, also in consideration of price/performance. That really would help us in our choice. Thanks!!!


I have used real time PCR from ABI, BioRad and Roche. Never think to invest on Roche. I am currently using ABI 7500 system. ABI has newly developed ViiA™ 7 System. With this you can perform diverse type of experiments. It allow multiplexing with 6 dyes at a time.

But if you ask about robustness of machines. I will only recommend bio rad cfx 96real. Its operation is so easys that you can allow any one to operate the machine for you. I think when it is about softwares all BioRad products are excellent.

If you are planing to do deal with lots of samples you should go with bioRad CFX96.

Hope it helps.


Rotorgene Corbett


Thanks a lot for the quick response and helpful advice. Yes, we think of 96-well plates. Easy to use software is certainly one of the decision criteria as well as data quality and reliability.
Why “never think to invest on Roche”?


I can't compare that much, but we have Roche LightCycler 480 (96-well) and are quite happy with it. Sure it doesn't exactly kick ass in HRM, but that's because it's not air-heated. Worked with ABI machines before and don't remeber a reason why not to choose Roche. Old "coffee-makers" LighCyclers are widely used all over the world, they have a diagnostic-grade software and reliability.


We faced several problem with roche instruments. It required several servicing with respect to ABI or BioRad Real Time instruments. It was a trouble in our lab... :(