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Solvents other than DMSO - (Feb/16/2012 )

Hello All,

I am new here and I come here with an issue I am facing with the drugs (inhibitors) I am using.
I have realized that the drugs I use are soluble only in DMSO. However, I am seeing an effect of DMSO in my control lane for the solvent. I try to keep the DMSO concentration at 0.1% but I wish somehow I had another solvent I could use instead of DMSO.
Do you guys have any suggestions in this matter? Are there any solvents that are better for biological use?
Thanks so much in advance!!



-Inmost sun-

I have forgotten beta-cyclodextrin and hydroxy-propyl-beta-cyclodextrin

-Inmost sun-


list goes on. Really depends on what chemical you have. Best to refer to the data sheet or MSDS - most of them tell you what solvent to use and in what concentration very clearly. If in any doubt, call the tech department.

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